standard-title The Basilicata Region

The Basilicata Region

A very small region, with a long history, incredible natural beauty, many expressions of art and culture, jealous guardian of traditions, mysterious in the fantastic stories of his people proud and romantic.

And ‘the cradle of Magna Grecia: Heraclea, Siris, Metaponto where he lived Pythagoras, the great philosopher and mathematician greek, and his school in the temple of Hera, also known as the Palatine Tables

And then, the generous agriculture magnificent orchards, the delicate extra-virgin, the precious vegetables of Southern California …

And what of the sea full of fish, the sunny beaches almost African colors that enchant tourists from everywhere, fascinated by the clear sea and the Mediterranean that supports the sandy coast.

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If you want to get an idea of what you can offer the Basilicata … watch movies and you will love it.
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